Monday, January 26, 2009


1. Purging...I have been doing well on going through my remaining craft stuff. I continue to work on getting P and C to make piles of unwanted clothing items.

2. Cook....I have been cooking more at home and we have been eatting out very little.

3. Walk...this has NOT been happening. Weather is really crimping my walks. Hopefully this will change soon.

4. Lost 2 pounds this week. Making my 3 week total just 5 pounds. But....considering that this is cutting back, no snacks, and I have not been exercising AT ALL...I'll take it! I'm also proud that I have eatten only 1 cookie since January 5th! ONE COOKIE! Isn't that awesome?

5. travel plans right now. Too early to know Bloggy Meetup destination. I know I am going to Vermont in September though.

6.....Raise $5,000 for rescue......working on the fundraising. Our first event is May 9th. We also have a few raffles going on and of course my own money I donate from etsy sales. I need to make a tally somewhere to keep track.

7. Bedroom many other things going on have not started this project. Wall prep will take a long time. I know we want to get this done before 4/15....yikes!

8. Save money....haven't saved anything other than usual 401k investments...but haven't spent anything either!

9. Get another Pug.....sigh.....I guess I have to settle myself with working on rehoming and helping rescue organizations! But...ya never know!


  1. 5 lbs is fantastic!! Especially with no exercise!?! amazing! keep up the good work.

  2. It sounds like you are doing really really well!

  3. % pounds lost is a lot. If you don't believe me, go to the grocery store and pull out five pounds of butter. That is no longer on you. Maybe that will make you feel like you are getting somewhere.
    As for the walking, I wouldn't be walking in this weather either. Sorry, too cold. But don't worry. Spring will be here. Someday.


  4. LOL..I was just thinking about 5 pounds of butter...or maybe I should say LARD????? LOL

  5. 5 pounds is a lot! I am not brave enough to weight myself yet. But I did notice that my clothes are fitting a little better now.