Friday, January 2, 2009

My Goals

1) I want to lose 30 pounds.

2) I want to do my workout with weights three times a week.

3) I want to run three times a week.

4) I want to pass my 2nd degree black belt exam.

5) I want to sew better.


  1. You are wonderful, you are great, you are the best! There.. I just had to get that out of the way first.

    I love your goals! You are really an inspiration to me. I was suprised to see you use the phrase "I want to". I was suprised because any old couch potato will sit there with a coke in one hand and a bag a chips in the other saying, "man, I really want to lose 30 lbs"... and you are the polar opposite! If you tell me "I will pass my 2nd degree black belt exam", I KNOW that when that exam is over you will have passed with flying colors. If you tell me "I want to run three times a week" that I could set my clock to your routine. You are so much stonger than a "want", you are the real deal and you WILL reach your goals.

    And whatever support you need, please lean on me. I would be proud to help in what ever way possible. You can do it!!

  2. My goals for 2009

    1: actually do in a timely manner all the things I need to do to get ready to safely (as possible) retire on Jan 1, 2010.
    2: lose the 25 pounds I need to be at a healthy weight for my height.
    3: begin to ease down my TV watching and use my time better (I don't want to spend my retirement lumpishly in front of the TV).

    I just wish I had a Roxy, Lucky, Norman, Winston or Louise, et al. to help!!!

  3. Yay - I'm so excited to see what you can do with this! I would suggest maybe adding team members who are really serious about their goals and who want to post about them. I don't know if it would necessarily have to be rotating or if members could just post as they'd like about how they're doing? Just some thoughts to help you get started.

  4. Mom says.....Ok...I vow to get into "bathing suit shape" before the end of March.

    I've lost 145 pounds over the last 3 years (and kept it off save 5 pounds here and there that keep coming and going!) but need a big kick in the butt to firm back up after lazing around the last few months! I'm NOT letting my efforts of the past 3 years go to waste!!!

    I'm also going to start "choosing my battles" a bit more wisely and letting small insignificant things go.

    ALSO...*I* (Salinger The Pug) am going to drop some poundage. According to my vet, I've become quite the "load".'s down in print and we're starting......NOW!

  5. Ok - when you're logged in to your blogs, click on "goals with dreams" and then go to "settings" - under neath of that, the very last link says "permission" - click on that, then you'll see where it says 'authors' and you can enter the email addresses of those you want to invite as authors of the blog. They won't need your login info, as they will be able to use their own gmail log in instead. So you may need to collect email addresses of those who are interested in contributing. To give it a try, try sending me an invite to:

    I'll let you know if I get anything and if I'm able to get in to the blog.

  6. I want to be part of this.
    1. I need to do my stretches every day
    2. I need to walk four times a week and use my daughters treadmill twice a week.
    3. I need to finish a painting every week. One scarf every month.
    4. I need you all