Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rough Week

It was a rough week for me. I ran only twice and worked out only one and a half times. I was doing well with the weight then hit a little bump on Thursday. I am supposed to work out this morning, but after having danced at my sister's Christmas party for two hours my knees are killing me and I don't know what I will feel like tomorrow morning. However, if the knees hurt, I will do the upper body workout so that I am still on track.

How are we doing, everyone?


  1. Life isn't about being perfect.. it's only working towards those goals... Sounds like you are still doing well and the commitment is there. You will be great!

  2. I'm crusing along. I've become fanitical about counting calories - I blame you and Cadbury's mum for it ;0)

  3. It's not about being perfect but making sure you keep going and don't give up!
    I wasn't perfect this week either (No stairs on Friday), but I went snowboarding for 4 hours on Saturday which was fun and very tiring!