Monday, January 26, 2009

Progress Report - Sandra

This is my first week. I feel that I didn't work as hard as I needed, that I have to put more effort into getting things done. Before being part of this blog, I would just convince myself that "this" or "that" isn't really important and at this time would just give up. I have shared my goals with all of you and I have seen how others are progressing, why would I be so weak as to give up something I really want???
Now, this is how my week went:
- Take care of myself. I went to the eye doctor, got my medication and ACTUALLY started using them. I was feeling worst at the beginning but I hope to stop having pain in the eyes soon. I also tried to dress better for work, but this past week was so cold, I ended up wearing the same jacket the whole week!
- Eating habits. I am eating less snacks and drinking more water. I had some bread but just a little (not half a baguette!). I am keeping all my portions small.
- Exercise: My daily walks were almost absent because of the cold weather. This goal actually started today. I also couldn't ride bike because I wasn't home during the weekend. I am looking forward to this for the next weekend.
- Hobbies. I couldn't do much about this. I had headaches during the week and I didn't spend time at my apartment during the weekend. I did bring some books that I wanted to finish reading. I also bought a cute sewing book to get me inspired with my sewing machine.


  1. Sandra, making a doctor's appointment, going to it, filling a prescription, and taking it is A LOT - trust me. Sometimes it takes me months to sit down and make an appointment like that. I'm sorry to hear you're having pain - hopefully the meds work and you'll be on your way with some of your other goals soon. Good luck!

  2. Sandra, those are forward steps and all forward steps are good. Good job. You will find it easier as you go on. Right now, your initial thought is resistance to change. If you keep going and break through the resistance, it will awesome.