Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One Black Belt's Goals

I have one major goal: 3rd Degree Black Belt

The requirements for this incredible, almost unbelievable goal are twofold:

  1. Mastery of the art of Kenpo
  2. Physical conditioning

As for the art itself, there are 128 techniques and 6 major forms. A technique is a self-defense scenario, where a form is a set of basics and/or techniques in isolation. I have to know them, not just know of them. As in: perform on command without hesitation or thought.

The physical conditioning is more hazy. There will probably be a requirement of 60 pushups, 100 crunches, or something like that, so I'm just going to aim for 100 pushups and 200 crunches. Also, I want to be un-phased by running my material. At the end of the test I should be tired, but not during it.

Sunday I woke up at 6am and practiced with a 4th degree black belt for 2 hours. No instruction, just as a workout buddy. Thirty minutes of forms, one hour of techniques, thirty minutes of bag work. The goal is to continue this every Sunday, so a 2 hour workout will feel normal.

The testing sequence starts in February, the final test is in May. I will earn my 3rd Degree Black Belt in May.


  1. I have absolutely no doubt you will achieve this goal!

  2. Wow, my stomach hurts just reading this! From what we're seen we're sure you can do this too!

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