Friday, July 24, 2009

Been Awhile...

WOW it has been a while since I posted. Lots of things going on, mostly good, some less, but overall I'm pleased.

Good news is that while unemployed I worked- a lot. I learned a bunch about myself working as a server and in retail. Now I have a real 9-5 job and kept the retail job, so I'm meeting new people and working hard- and reaping the benefits. My relationship with Brian has also improved. Nothing is harder than feeling like you are not contributing because you don't have a job. Not for lack of trying, I had no job or a crappy job (SERVING SUCKS!!! Fun job, but hard, and you make nothing!!!) I felt guilty buying lunch for myself. And I NEVER got to see him. So being able to make a fair contribution with money, and still spend time with Brian, makes our relationship so much better. We got through the hard time together and it made me even more secure in our future.

Speaking of which, wedding stuff has taken up a notch! I have been honored in being asked to moderate the Indiana board on Basically, it's a discussion board and I monitor it for vendors or snotty biotches :-D. It was really an honor to be asked and while it's just a random volunteer thing- not even resume worthy- it made me feel good about myself.

I also have started a wedding blog. Please visit and comment (I don't get very many!!!!!!) The site is I am working hard on it in hopes that I will be given another honor- becoming a "bee." is another wedding site, this one focused on specific, hand-chosen bloggers called "bees." They announced the next open "bees" and one is Miss Pug. CLEARLY I applied and hopefully my blog will be chosen. That would be one of the biggest honors I could receive, since my writing is important to me.

While working 2 jobs isn't easy by any means, I am busy but HAPPY. And I have been making more friends here. Many of Brian's friends have been in transition, some couples broke up but many single friends now have girlfriends, and I finally have girls around to hang out with who are open to making a new friend. I can't tell you how good that feels!

The only negative has been my weight. I've been on and off doing well but have only lost about 10-15 pounds. Which seems like a lot but when I need to lose like 50 it's not enough yet. That is my next thing to be working on motivation for. I know when I put my mind to things I can get them to happen so I just have to keep truckin!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Remove FAIL From Your Vocabulary

“The successful person makes a habit of doing what the failing person doesn’t like to do.”
- Thomas Edison

Remove FAIL From Your Vocabulary

Do you ever wonder why some people succeed at almost every challenge they take on, while others never seem to be able to get out of the starting blocks?

There are four major reasons why people FAIL - and they very neatly spell out the word itself.

• The F in FAIL stands for lacking Focus.

Your chances of success are magnified exponentially if you have the ability to focus.

It’s like watching a movie on TV. If you give it your undivided attention, you’ll be able to follow the plot, understand the characters, and ultimately enjoy the film. If, on the other hand, you keep jumping up to talk to your pals on the phone, cook a meal, or clean the room, you’re likely to miss some important things that are happening on screen. And it is highly likely that once you’ve lost track of what’s going on, you’ll reach for the remote and watch something else instead.

It’s not that the film wasn’t good. It might have been a real blockbuster. But if you don’t focus, one of two things - or both - will happen. You’ll lose the plot and/or you’ll simply lose interest.

• The A in FAIL stands for not taking Action.
You may have dreams of success, but unless you take action it is unlikely that anything will ever come of those dreams.

• The I in FAIL stands for not seeking out Ideas.
Without ideas, you’re at a creative standstill. This is particularly true when it comes to making Practice fun.

But remember the A in FAIL. Because even with the best ideas, nothing happens if you don’t act on them.

• Finally, we come to the L in FAIL - which stands for not having Longevity.

You need to be willing to pursue your good ideas over the long term, and not just give up when you hit the first hurdle. This is true whether your goal is to earn a Black Belt, get fit, or make any other meaningful changes in your life. If you don’t have staying power, your dreams are likely to fall by the wayside before they come to fruition.

So whenever you feel like failure is staring you in the face, think of the word FAIL itself, and remember what each of those four letters represents: lacking Focus, not taking Action, not seeking out great Ideas, and not having Longevity.

Here’s to completely eliminating FAIL from your vocabulary so you can succeed at almost anything you set your mind to.

You Must Never Allow Yesterday's Victories To Cloud Today's Priorities.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Long time no post

Hi all, been a while since I've posted but I do have good news.

I saved a bunch of $ by switching to.....

In Feb my cholesterol was 220. Got it measured mid June it's down to 180! I also lost 5 lbs based on the Dr.s office scale. I was so excited!

I tend to crave fruits and some veggies now. This didn't happen overnight by any means but slowly as I ate better, foods such as brownies, cookies, etc just weren't as appetizing. I also tackled a very very big milestone in therapy. Some revelations that have been over 10 years in the getting to. I so understand myself much better.

Today someone brought Doughnuts and I didn't eat one! I didn't obsess over it or anything!

As far as working out its hit and miss. I just got back to work this week from traveling so I've worked out 2 days in a row.

So here are my goals:

No binge eating
Eat more fruits
Eat more veggies
workout 3-4 times a week

I want to thank you again for this blog. I know I haven't posted or commented in a while but it was here and I was reading it. I think I thought some of this was too good to be true. Yes yes I know there will be days where I eat more than I should but I think I've finally made a paradigm/lifestyle change.