Monday, January 26, 2009

The Carrot & The Stick

Our studio owner likes to tell us that there are two ways to get humans to do things; the carrot (reward) and the stick (punishment). If you don't believe him, think about April 15th and what it takes for people to do their taxes and why they wait until the last possible minute before doing them.

Now, if you are having trouble getting into a rhythm to workout or get on track for losing weight, instead of beating yourself up, (stick) why don't you give yourself a reward. So, for every 15 minutes of workout or running/walking you do, you can watch the same amount of time of your favorite TV show. Or for every 15 minutes of workout you can give yourself 5 points or dollars toward buying something you want really badly.

If you need inspiration to workout, then hang that dress that you grew out of and want to wear soon right where you will see it every day. That will motivate you (hopefully). At the very least, if you have a bad day, then the next is a new beginning. And you can start again.

The other thing to remember is that MOST of us can't really start three or more goals at once and expect to really do well on all of them. What happens is you hit a bump on one of them, get down on yourself and then soon, you have quit all of them.

IT IS OKAY to have ONLY ONE or TWO GOALS. It really is. Get one goal really cranking and then when you are feeling really positive and good, start a second, or third. Your chances of success are much greater that way, then any other.

I am down 7.5 pounds. I ran three times, but only worked out once. I did, however, go to karate FIVE times this week. Twice in one day. I think I might be good for the moment. But I really DO want to get in two work-out routines a week.


  1. I was thinking about this idea on the way to work this morning because of something else you said to Stacy about how you don't always have to reward yourself with food....I think that's a brilliant maybe if I meet my weight loss goal for the week (1 lb a week) for three weeks straight, I can go get a manicure, or go get those shoes I've been wanting, etc etc. This takes the focus off FOOD, and makes it less of a 'holy grail' or something.
    Great job on the karate - that is kick buttukus to the maximus.

  2. Wow, thanks for clearing that up! I should study more 'selective concealment' when I write my goals down. =)

  3. Very true. We're going for the reward thing here--every 10 pounds I get to go up to the Olympus Day spa. At 30 which is my normal set point I get a body wrap and perhaps scrub and at my full 55 I get the works! :)