Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Step

First off, I just wanted to say thanks for being invited to participate. I work with Mr. Karate and have been introduced to the world of Blogging.

My Goal:
To lose around 10 pounds and (therefore) become more active.

My Steps:
Cardio - Stairs. I want to work up to running again, so I am trying to take stairs everywhere I go. My current accomplishment that I want to keep moving forward is that I'm taking the stairs to my apartment every night after work (20 flights). I also am on the third floor at work and am working on doing those as well.

Exercise - Yoga/Strength training. I started yesterday doing around 30-40 minutes in the morning on my Wii Fit. I would like to get that up to an hour and explore other options (besides the Wii)

My Plan:
To do this every morning during the week and take a break on the weekends.

I'm two days in and have another 19 to create my habit! (And keep going of course)


  1. 20 flights! wow!

    I love your 'more active' goal =)

  2. 20 flights? You rock! That is awesome. I don't know that I could do 20 flights.


  3. Wow, 20 flights! Whenever possible I avoid elevators and escalators and take the steps, but I don't know if I could do 20 flights.

    Good for you!


  4. I agree 20 is ALOT! I used to live on the 13th floor of an apartment buildling and one time during a hurricane the power went out and for 3 days we had to go up and down the stairs and it was AWFUL - so I seriously respect the 20 fights. Good goals!

  5. Thanks guys!! Its just a step but it's great hearing encouragement!