Sunday, January 4, 2009

Minor Goals

Along with major goals, like losing 30 pounds (and hey, everyone, when is your worst I wanna snack munch munch munch munch time) I have some minor goals.

Like finally making the switch to the phone company for the $10.00/month phone service.

Like making temporary drapes in the front curtains until I get off my butt and make the ones I really want there.

Like finishing the valance for the second set of long windows in the front...

Things like that.

Which I did this weekend.

This (above) will soon look like this (below).

And yes, the half curtains don't match, but they are better than the sheets I had up there (please don't ask, I'm embarrassed enough about it as it is.) But since I am starting this, I figure I should try to get one minor goal done every week. I figure that's a safe bet, and if I get more than one done, fine. But I have to at least get one done.

So everyone, take a look around for those small things that you keep putting off and list them. (here is fine, that way we can ask if you have completed it yet) This is a support blog as well. And if you want to be able to post here, let me know. Send me your email address and I will add you as an author. Just remember, one post per day and if someone has something scheduled for the next day, schedule it for the day after, please. :)

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