Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Needing... SOMETHING

Hi all. Sorry I haven't posted. It's because I've made very little to no progress. I'm having a hard time- my job is exhausting and I really dislike it, wedding planning, which I thought would be fun, has been exactly the opposite and causing fights between, well, everyone... and of course then this brings me to food. And I eat what is fast and easy and comforting. All in all I have been making zero progress on any goals.

I just needed to vent, since I'm not sure if there is any magical thing anyone can say to help motivate me or jump start my progress right now short of getting me a new job, a personal trainer, and supplying a unlimited wedding budget. Ugh!


  1. bleh - Wedding planning is exactly the opposite of what you think it should be. I hated every single second of planning my wedding. Especially since J has a divorced family, and I'm sure you're going through this too - you're trying not to step on toes and please everyone and it's just IMPOSSIBLE.
    But the day itself is fabulous and makes you forget about how obnoxious the year and a half leading up to it was. And once it's over, it's OVER and no one gets to say anything else to you about it EVER. I swear. I promise.
    My best advice: hire a fantastic photographer and DJ. Those two people are key to making the day work. My photographer made sure the ceremony ran smoothly and my DJ made sure the reception ran smoothly and I never had to worry about a thing. Email me if you need to vent - you know where I'm at ;)

  2. As an acupuncturist, we often see people who want help loosing weight. One big issue with it is the stress factor. I can't help a lot with that but just be mindful of the fact that stress will make you want to eat more for a number of reasons. Also consider things that reduce stress and look into some thing FUN that can relax you in the midst of all of this--or even just do some light stretches for a minute or two several times a day. Taking some really deep breaths (yoga breathing into your stomach and lower abdomen) can be real helpful.

    And stop blaming yourself for not getting to your goals. Realize you are where you are and there are other things taking your attention. It doesn't mean those goals won't get met, just on another day!

  3. I am sorry you are having a hard time with your job and wedding planning. I ordered nutrisystem for that very reason. It's fast and easy. I tried it last year and didn't keep it up. I got the random meals and figured out what I liked and didn't like and this time around I went with the custom and am glad I did. It's a little more expensive but worth it.

  4. Well, I can BARELY remember planning our wedding! It will be 30 years in September! I say try to figure our what is realistic for you to afford and work from there. You can do VERY nice things that don't cost a fortune! Let go of the stuff that isn't important. It's YOUR wedding. Do what is important to you two. If someone has something to say..tell them they can have an opinion when they pay for it! My parents were divorced and things worked out just fine! Set rules and goals! Of course it's easy for someone else to say...our son get married in September and we have had NO say in anything...yet have been asked to contribute. Basically I just said...how many, how much, that's enough....haha

    Eatting....a WHOLE different thing. Stress=eat
    Try cooking and freezing individual items for easy prep instead of eatting junk food. Pack your lunch! Very important! Drink lots of water...and most importantly...surround yourself with positive energy!!!! We're all here for each other. I have decided that even 1 or 2 pounds kept off can work out to be 50 pounds in a year!


  5. I eloped, so I can't help you with the wedding planning. I was told I had to invite someone I didn't want to so I didn't. hahahaha! My terms. Do try to remember that this is YOUR day and that you can listen to everyone but only do what you want. Ask people point blank what they want/expect/and or need. Then maybe tell them what you want/expect and need. (Maybe that's part of the rules and limits part.)
    Just remember, we are all here for you. :)