Wednesday, January 28, 2009

S.M.A.R.T. Goal-setting=>Successful Achievement!

This came from my Studio Director. I thought it applied to us as well.

S.M.A.R.T. Goal-setting=>Successful Achievement!
Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Time-Dated

Most people avoid setting goals simply because they have never learned how to do it right… others have a fear of failure… some people just procrastinate and never take much action toward a better future.

In the martial arts, we learn very early about the value of goal setting. A simple starting point is to apply the S.M.A.R.T. method of determining your desired objectives. The first step is to set a specific goal that is present, positive and personal.Very few goals are unrealistic; however, some people have unrealistic timelines. You aren’t likely to earn a college degree in six months and you won’t become a Black Belt or a degree of Black Belt in that time either.

This is why you work to set S.M.A.R.T. goals for yourself and allow some flexibility in your target dates. Done properly, goal setting leads to goal getting and that is exciting and positive for everyone.

I hope you're having a great start to your year so far...are you? If you are...why? If you are not...why not? There is always a reason for success, just like there is always a reason for failure.

Something you quickly identify in Top Performers, is that they all accept 100% responsibility for their failures as well as their success. (No one here is blaming someone else for their not succeeding.) In fact, most Top Performers are quick to give credit to others for success and equally as quick to accept the blame for their failures and setbacks. One of their mottos: "If it's to's up to me!" If 2009 is going to be our best year ever, it's up to you and me to make it that way.

S. White, Kenpo-Senior Professor

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  1. This made me think about my overall goal and then how to break it down in to more manageable I sat down today and said "if I want to lose 10 lbs by June 1st, then I need to lose 2 pounds a month including this month, and I've already lost 1.4 lbs this month anyways!" Once I wrote it out like that it seemed so simple. Of course I can do it! 2lbs a month is totally managable. And while 10 lbs isn't an extremely overwhelming goal, seeing it as 2 lbs a month made it even more accessible.