Friday, January 9, 2009

I even procrastinate on posting my dreams with deadlines...

...ok, I procrastinated since I have to post pictures. That way I have to actually look at what I need to do and be. I'm going with Rachel- I'm being brutally honest. Oh, and if you don't know me- I'm Kelly, the mom of Sophie Dixie and Harley from Pug(s) and Bugg.

This is me two years ago. I was a size 12. Which, I don't think I look necessarily like a 12. I've always worn larger sizes, I'm big boned and have very wide hips. Enter 2009, 2 years and about 50 pounds later...

It was hard for me to find a picture. I don't even take pictures of myself much anymore, definitely not full-body ones. Of course- I am happy. I am engaged to the most wonderful man! So having all of 2009 to achieve my "dreams with deadlines" will be perfect for our 2010 wedding. Here they are:

1) Lose as much weight as possible. I won't set a number because I just want to push myself on a day-to-day basis. I'm going to try and do Weight Watchers again. I used it to get down to that 12 I was before, and while it's harder living with a guy- I have motivation- the wedding. And wedding dress. My check-in will be our engagement party in June when I go to New Jersey to try on dresses with my bridesmaids.

2) "Try" more on my appearance. Again, lacking- since I've got my man, I don't need to attract anything! The superficiality of my work has me scoffing at appearances since they're all so shallow. So, I think I need to set that aside and do my nails once in a while, or go tanning.

3) Be more organized. I need to take pride in myself and what I own, and keep it neat. Not let the laundry pile up. Not sigh when the fiance asks me to wash the dishes. Actually care about things around me so I will be less full of stress and anxiety.

I think those are my main goals! I will flesh them out more as the year progresses. Thanks for your support!


  1. Well, I guess I have to post a photo of myself now. Which I haven't wanted to do either.


  2. Well I do post photos of myself....I'm the skinny one with curls....hahahaha...not really!

    Anyhow, you can reach those goals!!!! I have my son's wedding in September AND I always talk about "looking better" in a bathing suit at camp all winter....

  3. way to be honest, Kelly!! I thought about posting pictures as well, but similar to you, I haven't taken many full-body shots of myself since I gained the weight...but I will try to rustle some up since you were so brave.
    I'm always here for you - you know my email, shoot me a line if you need some encouragement or advice or just need to vent :))