Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sandra's Goals

I took my time to post my goals because I wanted to be realistic about them. I think it is best for me to set mini goals for now. One of my biggest problems is that I am not consistent with things I want and like to do. Just trying to work towards my goals will be an effort to stop that.

- Take care of myself. This past year I have not taken care of my appearance at all... I need to improve that so I can also feel better. Part of the problem is that I gained weight and my nicer clothes won't fit. I don't buy bigger sizes because I want to go back to the old size. I will also make doctor appointments for whatever makes me feel sick. I have health insurance and I don't use it. I will also follow the doctor's instructions.

MY GOAL FOR THIS WEEK: Go to work with nicer clothes and actually DO something with my hair. I can't use make-up because of my allergies so my face will be just the same :). I have also an appointment with the ophtalmologist. I will probably need new glasses. I will get them.

- Eat healthier. I started today. I don't want this to feel like a real diet otherwise it won't last!

MY GOAL FOR THIS WEEK: No more bread and butter. I will eat less rice and pasta and increase fruits and vegetables. I will keep dessert, but smaller portions. I am also drinking more water. It actually made me feel full today!

- Exercise. I am not good at this. I hate the gym and most sports. I do love to ride bicycle: two years ago I used to ride for 6 hours every saturday. I will try to go back to that routine, maybe for shorter amounts of time. I will also put more effort on my daily walks. I actually take my pug out 3 times per day. I want that to be also an exercise routine. It will benefit both of us!

MY GOAL FOR THIS WEEK: Longer walks in the morning and afternoon - 20 minutes. Start bike riding on saturday, at least for a couple of hours.

- Hobbies. I have lots of hobbies - most of them with unfinished projects. I want to get back to them and be able to actually finish things and be proud of that. Right now my apartment is a mess because I will be moving out soon but I still do want to start choosing ONE small project per week and post the finished product on my blog. Later on, I would like to do the same with my recipes. Be able to plan our meals for a whole week. Learn to be more organized.

MY GOAL FOR THIS WEEK: Learn how to use the sewing machine and use it to finish a journal I started sewing by hand 3 months ago!

See you next week!

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  1. Very good, realistic goals, Sandra! Does it help to have them all written out? I think it will help. Good luck and keep us updated.