Thursday, January 8, 2009


I've been thinking lately about how I need to start recording things in order to reach the goals I've set for myself. I used to journal like crazy - I do have a BA in Creative Writing - it used to be second nature. But in the past year or so I've fallen off my crazy writing-everything-down wagon, and I feel like I'm lacking accountability now.

The thing is, it's really easy to forget the things you've done, not done, eaten, not eaten, etc as you're going through your day.

So I'm going to get back into my journaling ways - tomorrow I will pull out one of my many empty journals and start recording - goals, mini goals, why I want to reach those goals and then my daily progress.

I'm going to write down every single thing I eat, how much water I drank that day, any weight lost or gained, what research I've put into CGC, Winston's training goals and progress, and any NC real estate research I've done.

Of course I will continue to post and write about my goals here, but I think I need something even more tedious and particular.

Does anyone else do journaling to help them with their goals or accountability? Do you have any suggestions or ideas about how to make journaling as productive as possible? Do you use pre-written journal prompts or do you just write whatever is on your mind?


  1. I did some journaling right after my mom was diagnosed terminal with cancer and died. I wrote in it for almost a year, until the time my grandmother died. Mainly it was just expression of how I was feeling.

    I've always been leary of having a journal that maybe I wrote something about someone and then they found it later and made them feel bad?????

    I like your idea.

  2. I journal for things I am thinking about but not so much to record events. I can never remember events! Even important ones until after I have stopped writing! :)

  3. Great idea Rachel. I keep hearing stories of martial artists doing this and logging millions of pushups, for example. I bought a small, hand-sized notebook last year, this is a perfect use for it! Thanks!