Sunday, January 31, 2010

How I Am Doing

Well, I am down 7.5 pounds and am feeling pretty good about myself. I did give myself a chocolate reward this week, but since I didn't go overboard with ir, I'm okay with that too. I also figured out which exercises at karate bother my knee (jumping lunges and thrusting squats) and have modified them to better suit me. I also am not taking two classes in a row, which really didn't help.

My nephew managed to break my husband's keyboard tray and I have already fixed it, and brought the tools I was using to fix it back downstairs where they belong. Today I am going to get my tax stuff done so I can send it out before my deadline of Thursday, [ut all my stuff in the checkbook on the computer and sew.

How are all of you doing?

1 comment:

  1. Haven't any Ben & Jerry's yet this weekend, so that's a good thing... So far so good! lol!