Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Marie I was craving sweets lately and just gave in and had a small chocolate extreme blizzard from DQ. I had it at about 2 today and haven't been hungry since. So much fat and sugar, must have filled me up.

I want to weigh myself so bad but am not going to. I know my body needs more time to adjust and change. I've been doing this for a month tomorrow and it's just too soon. I will get discouraged and it's not been that long.

I will say going to step aerobic does give me quite a workout. I'm wiped out that day and sore but it's that good sore. It's also very humbling. Most of the girls in there are very thin. I try to get a step so I can't see myself. The girls are nice but I feel like they are inside laughing at me. Granted there is no indication that anyone is making fun of me. I keep going to step aerobic even though it's not fun to see myself in the mirror at times. I am proud of myself for going and I know it's better for me to go and feel that way than not go at all. It's still frustrating.


  1. Remember that you are always harder on yourself than others are. I don't think that anyone is thinking poorly of you. In fact most are probably thinking of their own imperfections. Relax and enjoy!

  2. Chey is right. And I bet that honest and truly, no one is laughing at you. They are too busy worrying about themselves. I am so proud that you keep going and that you have continued this for a month! Awesome job! Look at how your clothes fit, if they are loose in the butt and thighs then THAT is what you want. Not a number on the scale, though that helps. When you do get on the scale, remember that muscle weighs more than fat.