Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Goals

Some of my 2010 goals are similar to 2009 goals.    I got places with my goals but not to the level that I wanted.

I lost 10 pounds last year. Of course, I wanted to loose 50.  However, I stopped dieting about October and managed to keep off half the weight I lost (yes I only succeeded at loosing 20 pounds).

This year my goal is to loose about 30 pounds for the year.   However, the main part of the goal is feeling good and eating healthy.  To that end I have started the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet Intro ( for those who are interested).  This is a diet primarily geared towards healing the intestinal tract, which will help with the metabolism and over all feeling good and being able to stick to goals.   

The second part of my goal is to promote my healing blog and work on the book based on this blog.   I have about 10 readers each day that I post and I want to increase that to about 30 to 50 readers at each post.  Right now I only get that when I manage to get a link into one of the weekly food related blogs.  I want to participate in the Carnival of Healing (starting in Feb as it's too late for January) and we'll see what other Carnivals and ways of promoting this blog will work.

I have three drafts done on the book, but it's still shorter than I want.  I need to do some more research and work on making sure I make all the points in the book I want to make. I need to be sure it's readable. I would love to have a readable, potentially sellable draft by the end of the year.   

Those are my three big goals.  We'll see how they work out! 

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  1. You lost twenty more pounds than I did. So don't knock it. It is good that you have clearly defined goals. Let's achieve together!