Saturday, January 23, 2010

Strengthening The Legs

I have to work on strengthening my thighs and legs. We've been doing a lot of fun ground fighting in the 2nd degree class and leg strength is very important. I think that I will slowly start some box work (from The Firm) and see how my knee handles it. If the knee doesn't hurt, I may step it up a bit (no pun intended).

The good thing is that there are always options in kenpo. I couldn't do the take down on one technique because it involved pivoting on my right (gimpy) knee. So I adjusted, squatted on my partner's leg, pulled it up and put him in a leg lock. My partner is a 16 year old who outweighs me and is taller than me. According to my nephew (Mr. Karate) the look on his face was totally disgusted that I managed to take him down, despite his best efforts to the contrary. TWO POINTS FOR ME!

So, remember everyone, the RIGHT way is not always the BEST way for you. There may be another RIGHT way that fits more into what you are attempting.

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