Sunday, January 3, 2010

What I did last year

Hi all!
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. This is my second year setting goals for the year to come. My goals for last year were:
- Take care of myself. I did try to work on this, but I always find myself looking for comfortable options rather than ones that may make me look better (i.e. my clothes, shoes, hair...) so for now what I am doing is trying to look a lot better, wearing nicer comfortable clothes and shoes, specially for work. Whatever I have that is comfy but looks worn out, goes away.
- Eat healthier. I am pregnant now and I am making better choices about the food I eat but sometimes I just can't find what I really want to eat... I don't have much appettite lately! My husband insists that I need to eat meat but that I just can't do right now, I don't know why because I have never been a vegetarian. The doctor asked me to drink at least 10 glasses of water per day... not too easy when you have to go to the bathroom SO OFTEN!!!
- Exercise. I am only walking for now. I still need to do it for longer distances.
- Hobbies. I did finish some sewing projects, and then I prepared and mailed out 30 hand-made Christmas cards... That was a big project for me, with a deadline and I was very proud to be able to make it! I am excited about new projects for this new year. My husband has also started a hobby: he has a coral reef fish tank that takes a lot of time and effort and now that we both have our "indoor" activities it is easier to work on them knowing that the other one is not spending the afternoon bored or alone.
- Guest room: I had the guest room organized and ready for my family's visit this holiday, but no one slept in there! They all stayed downstairs in the living room. It's still a nice usable area now, and I did clean a lot more giving my sister all the nice clothes that I was keeping but wont fit for quite some time now.

I haven't thought of the new goals yet, but I hope to be able to define them by the end of this week. Until then!

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