Monday, January 11, 2010

One Week

Well, my food journal is REALLY helping me keep track of what I eat but also stopping me from emotional eating. We went to Longhorn's Saturday night. I didn't eat any of the really yummy bread, smothered with butter. I ate maybe eight of the really yummy new fried potato chips. I had a Caesar salad and a rack of ribs. Of course, my son ate 1/3 of the ribs as well as his chicken tender dinner. Hubby had a couple as well. I drank water, and I stopped eating when I started to feel full. I had been very good all day so I only gained back 1/2 pound. Since it is the first week, some of what I lost is water weight, but I am feeling really energized by my start and am looking forward to Week Two and how well I am going to do.

Only twenty something more pounds to go and 14 more days to make my habit.

How is everyone doing?

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