Sunday, January 10, 2010


I walked up to my karate instructor yesterday and told him I needed to share. He got a little worried until I told him that I was feeling really "gimpy" the past few days. I am having trouble with my right knee and recently received an injection of Sinvisc. It hasn't quite kicked in yet and my knee still hurts. Add to that the recent cold weather (it was 8 degrees before wind chill last night) and the fact that the cold makes my knees hurt and you get where I am going with this.

Also, when my knees hurt, it is a little more difficult to do some things in karate. I work around it, but then I get upset with myself, stressed out, do poorly on things because I am stressing and then get MORE stressed out and do even more poorly.... etc.

I told him I had a plan to deal with it. Lighten up on myself, relax, give myself a break, because I was only making it worse. He listened very well, as he always does, and I felt a lot better for sharing it with him. It was like once spoken, then I could lay my problem to rest. Of course, I had to recognize it and deal with it, which is not always easy. But once I did, class was a lot of fun and a lot better.

Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves, we make it so we can't succeed. We are often our own worst enemy. I've been doing well with my food journal, and my bookkeeping. Now I've addressed this problem. Instead of thinking what you haven't achieved, remember what you have accomplished. Instead of telling yourself that you got 2 out of 10 wrong, remind yourself of the 8 you got correct. We all do somethings very well. Take a moment and pat yourself on the back for those things. You are, after all, the reason they were done well.

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