Friday, January 15, 2010

Being A Better Black Belt

As a 2nd degree Black Belt, I now get to learn the Weapon Form, otherwise known as Form Six. Learning new forms has never been easy for me, so this time around I am determined to be better at it. One reason it is not easy for me is because now we are learning the OTHER side of all our normal techniques. So if we right inside parry and left outside parry, now we will be left inside parrying and right outside parrying. Imagine that you now need to learn how to drive with all the pedals switched and the shift on your left, instead of your right. You are also now on the other side of the road, as well. It's a little daunting. And it's amazing how your body wants to return to what you have previously learned, what it considers "normal".

To help me with the form, I typed out all the techniques in the form, then rewrote them for the "other" side. I also practice that before I learn the new section, so I am not trying to learn the "opposite" movements AND the transitions at the same time. I'm also making sure that I repeat the transitions out loud so I don't forget them before I walk off the mat. I then run to the notebook and add my notes, so I can practice it all together later. I've had two classes on Form Six and feel pretty good about it. It may not seem like much, but to me,it's a big deal. And it makes me happy. And happy is good. Happy is feeling like I accomplished something. Another accomplishment gives me confidence that I can achieve anything I want.

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