Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day Three

Days Two and Three always seem to be harder than Day One. I think that's because your body figures it's a one day thing and can last for one day, but when you continue to reduce the amount of food you eat your body says "Hey, wait a minute. There's something wrong with this picture."

I think the food journal is a big help. Writing down everything (including the two french fries I had Tuesday) really does make you stop and think about what you want to cram in your mouth. Are you really hungry? Or is it just a habit? Well as we all know, it takes twenty one days to make a habit. I only have eighteen to go!

I have been very good about putting any atm's or checks in the computer checkbook. I can actually see my desk, which is a big improvement. Used to be I worked around the huge pile of everything on it. I am working hard to make this a new habit as well.

I continue to do some small organization whenever I can. I was in the cellar with my son (he was on the treadmill) so I went into my workshop and started sorting through my screws and nails and tools and returned them to their rightful place. Not much, but it is a start and it makes me feel like I am accomplishing something. And that makes me really happy.

Hope everyone is doing well. (And staying warm!)

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  1. We find that as time goes on to remember that we are doing this for health... not just looks. That seems to keep the cheating at bay! Good for you for finding ways to keep your whispers (it's too hard) away too!