Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How Do You Eat An Apple?

I am an assistant Kenpo karate instructor. I have been teaching white belts for several years now. They all want to be able to do everything NOW. RIGHT NOW. So what they started two days ago, or two minutes ago. They want it now. So I ask them "How do you eat an apple?" They all look at me like I am crazy, until I tell them "One bite at a time."

You cannot learn to run unless you have learned to walk. You cannot learn Long Form #2 unless you have learned Long Form #1. You cannot lose 10 pounds without first having lost 1 or 2.

So often people are like "well, I've only lost three pounds..." Hey, go get three pounds of butter and put it in the counter in front of you. Take a good hard look at it. That used to be on you!

You cannot just jump into the big goal and expect instant results. That's why it's good to have little, easily accomplished goals that you can achieve, make you feel better about yourself, and leave you wanting to achieve more. The more little goals you achieve, the more confidence you have and the better the chances of your achieving your bigger goal. That's why I am posting all the little things I've done, so I feel good about myself and feel like I can tackle that big goal. It can be the same for you. Try it and see. But remember, you eat an apple ONE BITE AT A TIME.

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