Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weekly goals

Hi all!
I am a little behind setting big goals for the year. I've been reading what everyone is posting, specially Marie's daily little achievements. Like I've told her before, I see her as a person who works hard to reach her goals but reading little everyday accomplishments just make everything very real and possible. So that's what I want to do for now, focus on little things that I need to do, maybe on a weekly basis? Let's see how it works.
This week I started changing some things. I am trying to stay awake a little later to take more advantage of the day (or the time I have at home, basically). It was hard because I get very tired in the afternoons and I also had a bad cold. For now, I will focus on spending this "extra" time with my mom, who will leave in a few weeks. When she leaves, I have some plans to reorganize the house, and I want to do it little by little during weekdays.
I also started changing my eating habits. I don't have much appettite lately and I started eating really bad. I am trying to add - once again - more vegetables and fruits, even if I don't feel like eating those. I still need to increase the amount of water I drink everyday. I am halfway what the doctor recommended!
I am also walking my dog again. I didn't go out at all with him while I was sick. I really need to go on LONGER walks!!
One of the goals I really want to achieve is to take some time to blog again. I have been so lazy lately that I don't touch the computer for weeks sometimes. I really miss blogging, but I just don't feel motivated enough to do it (or do anything else, really).
The last goal for now, will be the hardest one. I need to be more pacient and comprehensive in regards to my husband's family. There are a lot of things going on there, and the least I want is to add more stress for him right now. I can't let go of the past and it gets too hard to control myself and not be hurtful/resentful/jealous/etc. but he needs my support, and that's what matters now.
Lets see how this week goes!

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  1. Remember to be gentle with yourself as you heal too! That's a lot to expect from yourself. Take it one step at a time--and eating better will help A LOT! Good luck.