Friday, January 29, 2010


Courage isn't not being afraid, courage is doing it even though you are afraid. Last night in class we did standing forward rolls. These are not particularly fun for me. After four or five of these, I get dizzy and the walls started moving. Mr. Karate once told me I was done with forward rolls because they were "deteriorating". Next week's technique is called Leap From Danger. Someone pushes you from behind and you do a forward roll, gain your feet, turn around and face them. That's going to be pretty interesting for me. Usually when I am done the forward roll I grab the ground so it doesn't move on me. Then I get up (slowly) and do another.

Am I a glutton for punishment, or courageous? Who knows.

Oh yeah, got my husband's W2 in the mail. That means I have to mail the tax stuff to the accountant by next Thursday. Don't be shy about asking me if it's done yet.

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