Saturday, January 2, 2010

Some Minor Things

Well, I know it's not really a big deal, but I completely vacuumed all around the computer desks, cleaned books I no longer want out of the bookcase, put the photo albums in the bookcase (and off the floor) and labeled negatives that have been sitting around for a long time (I will take them to the photo shop in the next week) and entered all the atm/checks for the month of December.

I am ready to put all of 2009 financials in the folders (to make space for 2010) and both checkbooks have been balanced and the statements done. (I was five months behind.) I got my son to clean up his room (somewhat) and I have found more Nerf gun bullets than you can imagine.

I went through old DVD's of photos and put them on the computerand then stored the discs. I also cleaned the shelves above the computer and moved the box of CD cases that keeps falling on the floor to its proper spot. I put my son's Black Belt Certificate in a frame (with glass) and up by mine. I am dealing with a lot of small, piddly stuff that I just need to DO! So I am.

I did my shoulder exercises this morning and I am going to do my quad exercises before bed.

You really do have to organize around yourself to get yourself organized.

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  1. Hey I'm impressed! A lot of the little things that help us get organized at the hardest things we get ourselves to do!