Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Better Late than Never?

Wow, guys!! I have hardly had time to realize that it's 2010 and you are all KICKING BUTT with your goals!!! So awesome! Sorry I'm late getting in on this, but I figure better late than never, right?

Well, to be honest, I don't have a lot of goals for 2010, but I thought I'd wrap up my 2009 and see how I did. So here are my goals from my very first Dreams with Deadlines post over a year ago . . .

1. I have GOT to lose weight. I have gained 20 pounds since I got married just over a year and a half ago. This year I resolve to lose at least 10 of the 20 pounds I've gained (trying to be realistic and not disappoint myself. 15-20 would be awesome, but I would be proud of myself at 10).I plan on doing this by cooking more conscienciously, exercising at least 3 times a week, and eating vegetarian at least one night a week.

Yay!! I succeeded here. I actually had lost about 15 pounds, but I gained back 5 of them at the end of the year. So overall, I did drop 10 pounds. And I did trick my husband in to eating vegetarian much more than we had been. My husband joined my gym with me, which got me going a lot more, and a friend convinced me to do a 5K with her in December, which I did in 36 minutes!!! I was also the team captain for our team, which was the third highest fundraising team in the race (we were racing for Juvenile arthritis). It was awesome, and I loved it, and it's really gotten me in to the whole running thing.

2. I want to get Winston CGC certified.

Well, total fail here. The only thing I did was call a dog training center at the beginning of the year and then never followed up on it. I ended up going back to grad school this past year, and unfortunately, that took priority over training the dogs. As I'm still in grad school now, I don't really see this happening in the next year either.

3. My third and final 'big' goal is to find a way to work from home or to be able to set my own schedule. My primary thought here is to potentially get my real estate license for North Carolina to become my parents independent real estate agent for the construction company they own.

Well, I didn't end up getting my real estate license, but I did end up going back to school to get my graduate certificate in Professional Writing, with a focus on writing web content. This is something I am VERY interested in, and also something I feel will benefit me more in the long run. I already have an undergraduate degree in English, and this certificate is really going to help me find a job in the content and copywriting field I'm interested in. I'm currently in my last semester at school and should have my certificate by May once I complete the last lecture course I'm enrolled in and my internship that I'm doing.

OK, now for 2010......
This year is going to be kind of strange. I'll be finishing grad school and a really awesome internship and so I'm hoping to have some kind of job leads once I'm finished with all that. At the same time, my husband is getting his PE in the fall (Professional Engineering License - he is a civil engineer), and once he gets that, jobs in his field are way easier to get. He already work at a civil engineering firm, but he'll have more options once he has his PE.

Basically, we may both be in the job market at some point during this upcoming year, which means we may also be in the moving/selling a house/buying a new house market. There aren't really jobs in my field here in southeastern Virginia, so we may start looking in other areas. This possibility makes it really difficult for me to make many other goals.
I guess my biggest goal is to have a job IN MY FIELD by the end of 2010. I've been working in my office going on five years now, doing a job that, praise God, I don't HATE, but is in no way related to what I have degrees in.
I'm ready to use my writing abilities and education towards something I might really love, instead of something I can just bear.

And let's be honest - I'd love to lose another 10 pounds.

Oh, and one big financial goal - I PROMISE that in 2010, I will have my husband's car paid off. I had tried to do this in 2009, but it just didn't happen. This year, we will be car-payment free if it's the last thing I do!!

So to re-cap:

1. Find a job, in my field, that I love (wow, not hard at all, right??)
2. Continue to work on losing a bit more weight
3. Pay off the Accord!!

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else accomplishes! I'm blown away by what you've all done so far, and having done this with you all for the past year, I have the utmost confidence in your success!
Here's to a fantastic 2010!

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  1. Rachel, those are great, realistic goals! You understand where you need to focus, what has to take priority and where you didn't do so hot. Awesome job laying it all out like that. That makes succeeding that much easier.
    Yes, better late than never. Glad to have you on board.