Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Week

It's another week, and supposed to be a real wet one here. I have been doing well with my karate technique notes. I diligently write out the technique immediately after learning it which helps my learning process. I am also doing much better with learning the new sections of the form as well as making sure I have the detailed notes to go with it.

I balanced my checkbook within 10 days of receiving the statement. A far cry from when it was a month or two or four. My goal is that once I get my husband's W2 all the tax paperwork will go to the accountant within one week That should bring my refund to me a lot faster. Gotta like that.

I put up my nephew's chin up bar that has been "sitting around" and "oh, we really should put that up". I also scrubbed the tile behind the stove and planning to have a yard sale in the spring with my mother and sister, so all the books and tapes I don't want are going into the "yard sale" section. Now I feel better about cleaning out more stuff. Knowing I am not just going to "throw it away" makes me more inclined to keep "spring cleaning." (I just hate throwing stuff away if it is usable, it makes me feel like I am wasting it.) I really don't care how much I get for the stuff, just that someone can use it makes me happy. Any money I will consider found or lucky money, put away for a rainy day.

So that's it for me. How's everyone doing?

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  1. Geez, you're makin' us look bad! Nice job on getting all your chores done. We go through periods of gettin' stuff done and then some lazy times. Thanks for the motivation!

    Smushface kisses,
    Stella, Gunther and Betty