Monday, February 1, 2010

Walking The Walk

And talking the talk. Cleaned off my desk today, paid a few bills and pulled all sorts of info for my accountant. I will make copies of it tomorrow. I am in good shape to send it out by Thursday. I also went to Home Depot and picked up a few household things I needed to finish little projects around the house (a new shower curtain, new door handle guts so the downstairs bathroom door will shut properly and a new lamp for by the ironing board.)

It feels good to get that little stuff done. I have cleaned mushrooms for lunch for the next three days and have all the laundry done and put away except for one load still in the dryer. It's towels, so that's not too bad. My husband's car is PAID so that means I can put that money to something else. Woo Hoo.

A new month and another goal. I want 6 - 8 pounds off this month. I am noticing a difference in my jeans, so that makes me really happy.

How are we all doing after finishing our first month?

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