Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weight Loss & Wii Fit

I am down 10 pounds, and am really happy. I am going to have to try on my other jeans and see if they are more comfortable now that I have shed some excess weight. I want 5 more, then 10 more then maybe another 5 more. But I am concentrating on the next 5 first.

A friend (a really, really good friend) invited the family over for lamb souvlaki and lemon meringue pie and a workout on the Wii Fit, which she says is awesome. My husband is going to a superbowl party, as is my nephew, so that just leaves my son and I. My son is looking forward to a Nerf fight and lamb. I am not quite sure if my friend understands the nature of bottomless pit growing boys. Oh well, she will tomorrow. Here's hoping I survive the Wii!

1 comment:

  1. Have fun on the Wii. It does have some fun games on it that get you moving.