Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shoulder Exercises

Well, last week I did my shoulder exercises two times. I forgot to do them Saturday and Sunday, I totally spaced them as well. So I made sure to do them Monday. Yesterday I did them before supper, so I wouldn't get caught up in stuff and forget AGAIN. I want to do them three to four times a week. I am getting there. It also helps if I do them at 5:15 pm, what I call my PT (physical therapy) time.

I have also been making my son do them as well, to help his push-ups. They are getting much better, but I want to make certain he passes his tests (for 2nd degree black). The second test is this Saturday. We ran through his forms, techniques and all the other techniques just in case he is thrown a curve ball, like our group was. He is also running three times a week, as well as doing 80 sit-ups and 50 push-ups three times a week. Actually four times a week, because that's what they do in their Saturday morning class.

And I wonder why we both sleep well.


  1. oh stop it. You've been sleeping well all your life. I remember when you were about 3, looking at you sleeping and thinking, "She's just storing energy to use as soon as she wakes up."

    love you,
    your big sis.

  2. you impress the hell out of me.

    (in case anybody might think otherwise.) and I don't care how many black belts you have, if somebody DARES to hurt your feelings I'LL deck them.