Sunday, February 21, 2010

An Interesting Talk

My karate instructor and I had a very interesting talk this morning. Basically, in the second degree black belt class, I am 12 years older than him, 17 years older than my nephew, 25 & 26 years older than then next two students and 31 years older than my partner and buddy who I went for black belt and 2nd black belt with.

And he said I should be proud of the fact that I am still on the mat messing it up with all of them. You know what, I am. I am not stopping until I at least get to 3rd degree, when I turn 50. Then maybe (and then again maybe not) I might think about slowing down.

Too many people give up on things too early in life. I wanted to do karate since I was 16 years old. And once I got on the mat and started down that path, there was NOTHING and NO ONE who was going to stop me. When I was running (and dying) all I could think of was that black belt. When things hurt and I wasn't understanding techniques or forms, I thought of that black belt.

Let me tell you that if each and every one of you had that focus, you would achieve whatever it is you want. But you have to WANT it. And not be willing to quit. I wanted it and there was no way in heck I was quitting.


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