Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Box Part Two

My husband wanted to make some ice cubes, but he couldn't find the ice cube trays. So I went hunting for them. And found all NINE of them. Yes, nine of them. A quick inquiry to said husband and then seven of the ice cube trays went into the box. As well as all sorts of cookie cutters (dinosaurs, reindeer, rabbits, etc) a small cookie jar that was a gift, but it's brown (dark brown) and I hate brown (especially in a blue kitchen) and now I can say I have one kitchen cabinet that has been cleaned out of STUFF! I am very happy about that.

I have already filled the box with all sorts of books that I do not want and am looking forward to the cabinet over the closet in the bathroom. My attempt to fix the door knob didn't work because, believe it or not, it's for a left hand opening door, not a right hand. Since I can't just flip it upside down, I will have to see if I can get one for a right hand opening door. What a drag!

Oh well, gotta go do my shoulder exercises and then clean up my notes for my form. I ran it (slowly) with my nephew (Mr. Karate) and I have all the angles and directions CORRECT. I don't know if I can explain how happy that makes me. I really want to do this form well on my next step exam in 9 weeks and having the angles and directions down makes it SO much easier to practice.

Keep the faith!

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