Monday, February 15, 2010

The Box

My mother informed me a couple of weeks ago that she was having a yard sale this spring. Either at my house or my sister's house. Since my house is just as well traveled as hers, but a little yard sale safe, the yard sale will be here. That actually made me very happy, because then all the stuff I was collecting to get rid of now has another purpose. To be sold in a yard sale.

So, here is the box that I plan on putting yard sale items in. I realize it may only be the first of many, but the fact that I now have something to collect all the miscellaneous stuff I do not want makes me very happy.

Here are some of the books that will be going in the box. I have decided that while I may like the book, or may have liked it while I read it, if I am not going to read it again, then it can go away.

I cleared out one or two shelves with this bunch. And if you know how many shelves of books I have, you would know that I may have more to clean out. I also have some VCR tapes to get rid of and maybe even some old Christmas ornaments. Anything that I haven't touched in several years will be going in this yard sale. And it will not be until the really nice weather so I can clean out the cellar and garage. (Though my garage is pretty clean for a garage.)

I also have to fix the bathroom door knob and the door knob to my son's bedroom closet. Those will be a little messy, as the "guts" of the door knob (there is a lock in it) is a different shape than the ones I originally put in. So I will have to do some drilling and scraping and generally make a mess.

I will keep you posted on my progress.

Anyone else have some boxes they need to fill?

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