Saturday, February 28, 2009

DKM's Feb wrap-up and March goals

January rocked... February sucked. Sick bunny, sick cat, dreadful deadlines at work - let's just scratch February off of the record shall we...

I did hit 2 goals but missed on the other two
  • Bento 3 days a week - Done
  • Swim 2 miles a week - Didn't quite make it but I did get up to 1.75 one week.
  • Drop 5 pounds - Done, dropped 8
  • Drink 1 liter of water a day - Totally blew this one.

So let's look forward to March - which will be a better month.

  • Bento 4 days a week
  • Keep my Daily Plate updated everyday
  • Swim 2 miles a week
  • Drink 1 liter of water a day.

Minor Goal Done!

I got all my tax stuff ready to send to the accountant. Yippie! One down, several more to go!

This is for your amusement. Mom thought it was pretty funny.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Checking in

Hi all. I was out of town in Washington DC from thursday to sunday for a professional conference. I am just now catching up.

I did great with food. I haven't worked out since last wed. Monday I was just too tired. I also needed to pick up Brutus.

I am sorry I haven't posted/commented lately on anyone elses posts. I just need another day or so. I have been reading posts.

This Week's Goals

YEAH! Week one of South Beach and I am down two pounds. Now if I could do that again, Iwould be ecstatic!

I haven't been working out any more but I have stayed with it. I have had some left leg/hip problems that are probably all related--it's just figuring out what it is.

I have written a lot this last week. I wrote five new posts to be set to publish each day on my blog Wed Cents. My goal on this blog is 100 visits a day by the end of June. I am working mostly on promoting it through twitter and facebook. I have 10 times more people visiting a day now than I did at the beginning of January.

I am seeking out some assistance for promotion of a book a I want to write. I mean, I am writing it but I am looking into some ways of promoting it. I hope to work with a coach. We'll see!

This two pounds means I get my first 10 pound loss reward: a trip to the Olympus Day spa. I plan to go soak up some heat and relax!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Progress Report #7


That's right, for the first week since I've been updating, I'm really disappointed with myself. I worked out every single day last week except for Saturday and I GAINED over a pound. There is no excuse for this. I did cardio every single day. I'd like to pass it off and say "oh, it must be muscle" but it's just not possible.
I did lose over an inch at my waistline, but it does not make up for over a one pound gain.
I know I wasn't as good about my food last week. I stopped doing my food log a week or so ago because I thought I really had it under control, but I may have to go back to that tedious writing every single thing down thing again.
I was really hoping to be in the 130's by this week, and it was really so icky to see that number yesterday.
And even worse - I am going to be at a work conference for three days this week. This means staying in a hotel, eating whatever kind of food is provided and just getting off my regular schedule in general. I do plan on using the hotel's fitness center and will try to keep my eating in check, but I know how these things go - they put out snacks for you all day long and you don't have time to sit down and eat a real meal so you just gorge on doritos or something.

so bleh to all of that. Trying to stay up beat, but it's hard when you feel like you're working really hard and not seeing results. Jeremy keeps telling me that he can see my gym results, but we're all so much more critical of ourselves than others are, aren't we?
I'm not going to let it get me down - I'm going to keep up my work out routine, continue with my yoga (Which I LOVE and is quickly becoming my favorite part of the week) and will start paying more attention to my food and caloric intake.

I do feel toned. And I'm glad the inch came off my waistline because I've been KILLING my abs at the gym every day. I'm also feeling so much improvement in my yoga - last week's class was much more challenging and I stuck all the poses with very little strain. (trying to stay positive!)

Well, here's to a more successful week. Hope everyone is enjoying their MONDAY. Hah - yeah, right.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Silly Me

Well, silly me! I finally figured out that I really ought to put a number to my goal of weight loss. I know what I want to lose, but I never defined it by a specific time frame. I think that is why I am not doing as well as I want. So now, I am publicly saying I want to lose 6 pounds by the end of March.

I have to admit that I was really happy to NOT do karate yesterday. My chest/ribs have stopped aching, but the shoulder area is still tender and I was really happy to have an "out". Everyone was asking me what happened and they were all stunned when they heard about my little "trip" down the ice. I mean really, folks, it could only happen to me.

Luckily, my mom gave me an hour long massage for my birthday and I plan on redeeming it this week. That's goal number one.

Goal number two is to get the taxes to the accountant and clean up the house. And that bookcase I showed you a photo of a couple of weeks ago.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sandra's Progress

This week I packed a lot of stuff and feel much better about moving into the townhouse. I walked a lot more, specially in the afternoons. I need to put a lot of more effort in my diet, I think I gained weight and I am feeling very bad about it. I will buy a scale once I move into the new house, that way I can control better my progress or lack of it.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good and Bad News

Good news: It's been two weeks, and we've worked out for an hour five days both weeks. I am proud of us!

Bad news: Found out today I'm being let go from my job, with my last day March 6th. I'm stressing bad about trying to find a job. Any help in the Indianapolis area?!?!?! It's weighing on me heavily, but I'm kind of glad, it was a horrible job for me, but I was not willing to quit without a job lined up. I've been looking on and off for a year, but not too intensely. Now, they made the decision for me. Which is a blessing in disguise. I think this will lead me on the right path- I just need insurance! :-D

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday weekly update

Last week someone asked about my acupuncture cards. I sell cards for acupuncturists to use in their practice (like you get reminder cards from the dentist or whatever) that are acupuncture themed. I have them on zazzle right now. I had hoped to get them on send out cards but they really only allow you to sell the images to each person and then that person gets to use the images as much as they want. I'd do this except that it would cost me a lot to upload the images ($10/image) and then they are planning to start charging per month too which means that the amount you'd have to sell the images for would be cost prohibitive--particularly when you have a niche market like I do.

That was kind of a bummer. As I go through this year and really focus on those things that I want most, I realize that the thing I want most is to be a writer so I am working along those lines.

Weight loss: was a full pound gain. However, I am not as down as I could be as I am changing my diet. My husband and I were doing the alternate day diet (which he continues to love). However I just felt horrible on it so I changed yesterday to South Beach (which I have always done well on). South Beach forces me to eat real food regularly and my body does well with that. I think because we were weighing in the day after fasting (before eating) that that was partially some water weight gain so I will worry next week if I don't loose that pound again!

Progress Report #6

Well, it was a tough week with Valentine's Day and other things I had going on. I think I was OK with my week day eating, but didn't work out as much as I'd have liked. I did do Yoga again last Thursday - I have found that it is the perfect way for me to figure out what I need to work on strength wise. Last week I was struggling with some leg stuff, so yesterday I pumped up my leg exercises at the gym. The week before that it was my arms.
But all in all, after chocolate covered strawberries, cup cakes, baklava and cheesecake (oh, and truffles, of course) I still managed to lose .6 lbs, bringing my total up to 3.8 lbs over all, and 4.5''
I'm now at an even 141 and by my next weigh-in, I want to see the 4 disappear from that number. I only need to lose .2 lbs to reach my 2 lbs/month goal for February, but I'd like to give myself a boost and lose another whole pound. I would really just love to see 130-something on the scale again.

Also, I finished my taxes !!!!!! I have to mail the original documents and the bill to my CPA this afternoon and then it's just a matter of sitting around and waiting for that return!! With that big thing out of the way, I can start researching some other CGC trainers again for Winston. I feel like I am consistent enough with my weight loss goals that I can start focusing some energy and attention on other things now.

My ankle is starting to feel much better and so now that it is warming up a bit down here, I might try to start walking the dogs more often. Not sure if I'll be able to do it every day, but I can try.

Now, what to do with this big box of chocolates sitting on my desk????

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ok - Week #6

* Bento 3 days a week - I did 4 bentos again this week.
* Swim 2 miles a week - I did 1.75
* Drop 5 pounds - Check this one off of the list. I've dropped 6 so far this month.
* Drink 1 liter of water a day - Argh! I think I need to take a pitcher and glass to work. I do only have one more week of Diet Coke until lent begins and I give it up till Easter. But ARGH.

Down Time

Mom saw this and just had to post it. She thought it was so funny. Think about it, guys, we've been doing this almost two months, so a little down time is okay.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Checking in and it's that time of year for my arch nemesis

I did pretty good too until friday. I LOVE these candies. Thank goodness they only come out once a year! I ate a whole bag of them but at 3 different times, not all at once. I love to put them in the microwave and make the inside gooey while the outside is still crunchy. YUM.

I've overall lost about 7 lbs, I'm down to about 176. I think I've lost some inches too.

I didn't do the elliptical but one time this week. I let work get in the way. This week will be hard to do too since I am only at work 2 days and then head to DC for a conference. I did however, walk 10,000 every day! So that's good.

I did have something else interesting happen this week. I am using NutriSystem. It's 299 a month. For me it's great. I don't like to cook and the meals are easy to prepare. The first month was hard but now my stomach has shrunk and it's much easier. So during the fall I was working out with a friend. On thursday I told her I was doing NS and she kinda laughed. I told her not to. Then her next piece of unsolicited feedback was something about you need to be prepared when you don't do NS anymore. Geez. What a buzz kill.

Happy Sunday Everyone.

Sunday Check In

Well, I am sure we were all doing great until Saturday. Valentine's Day. Chocolate Day. The day my husband made me a big juicy hamburger on a bun (I usually only eat it with one piece of bread) and french fries. And mini eclairs for dessert. Need I say more?

I worked out on Sunday, ran Monday and Friday, and did karate on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Friday night we sparred. Sweat was dripping in my face when I was done. Today I will work out again.

Haven't cleaned the bookcase yet, but I started doing laundry early, and I am working on another BIG goal. My Intermediate Lever Instructor's Certification. Twenty Four techniques, two forms and one set. I might be half done. I want it done before August.

I will keep you posted.

Friday, February 13, 2009


This week was not very good for my goals... I am not controlling what I eat and I am not walking as I intended to do. I am feeling very tired and sleepy and I know it's stress. I am moving at the end of the month and the fact that I am not certain if I will be able to keep the house where I will be moving in is affecting me a lot. It's a long story... let's just say that I am one the millions of people dealing with problems due to the housing crash.
I hope to be able to be back in track by next month. Right now it seems easier to focus on the moving. I still haven't done much about it either, so I am going to devote most of my time now to pack, at least 2 boxes per day on weekdays. Even that, believe it or not, requires lots of effort on my part. I hate to feel that "down"... so other than packing, I will try to spend time doing things that will help me feel a little better. I still need to "think carefully" before I eat something, that goal just can't wait!!! (well, it can wait right after valentine's day...)
The good news is that my husband is giving me lots of support, he keeps telling me that "everything is going to be alright", and he is more positive than concerned. I always have problems dealing with stress - I get sick a lot -so I am very thankful for his words and his attitude.


My taxes are DONE!!!
No small feat, I assure you.

Everyone have a very happy Valentine's Day. You've all earned yourself a tall glass of champagne and even a truffle or two ;)


And quitters never win. Remember that!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weekly Check In

I got some odds and ends done this week. I did some checking into a place to sell my acupuncture cards but they want to charge me for everything and I'd get very little back so I don' t think it's the best way to market my cards--not unless I come up with another set of images for them.

AND!!! YEAH!!! I'm down a pound and half.

This is my last week on this alternate day diet that my husband loves and seems to work for him. However I feel too deficient on it. I'm cold, headachy and tired all the time. I think it's a great diet for removing some food stagnation but I don't think it's very good for me in the long term. After Valentine's Day I am going back to South Beach which has worked for me quite well in the past. I lost about 5 pounds a month and didn't feel as if I were on a diet.

While I'd like to loose more per month, I am thinking that perhaps in a few months if I did the fast day one day a week for a month that might actually be good for my body! We'll see.

Getting over the Blahs

It sounds like many of us had a 'blah' week last week. I used to beat myself up for the mistakes I'd made like the inability to reach unreachable goals... but now - I look to my small victories and embrace them. It's those little steps we take every day that will eventually get us to our goals.

Great things are not done by impulse,
but by a series of small things brought together

~Vincent Van Gogh

Birch Bay WA

Monday, February 9, 2009


Ok, so I have finally gotten started. It may be just a small step but I went to the gym today. We hold each other back a lot- we are enablers. All it takes is one of us saying "eh, do you really want to go to the gym?" or "we could just order a pizza" and it's all over. So we've made a huge commitment to doing this. Day one is always the hardest for me. We're also eating smaller meals and trying to plan them out. Small step but still a step. Today I was on one of those stepper/elliptical things for an hour without stopping! Woohoo!

Additionally, I have been working on working out some of my own issues to get myself more centered and be a better person. Wedding planning was turning me into an evil person, because we are on a budget, my dad isn't alive and that makes me sad, and my mom is HOURS away and can't help... I was resenting EVERYONE'S opinion and snapping a lot. Brian and I have done a lot of talking, and we are on the right track. We're making it more HIM & ME and consulting with each other about everything, and when we're not talking about it- I'm not worrying about it constantly. AND I made our wedding website!! Email me (pugandbugg at yahoo dot com) if you want to see it! I'm proud that we're such a unified front now.

Only failure- I don't know if I have mentioned this (since I try not to on my blog because coworkers see it) but I HATE my job and have a lot of issues from it. Unfortunately I had a great interview last week but was their SECOND choice so I didn't get it. Isn't that always how it is? They probably tell everyone they were the second choice. Either way, no new job. BUT- my outlook is improving since I am lucky to have any job at all.

Overall I feel better and am really looking forward to taking lots more tiny, healthy steps that will add up to huge changes!

Very Short Update

Last week was miserable, I think I only worked out in the morning twice. After some serious napping this weekend I'm back! Today I added some weight work for my arms, and did some weighted squats.

My cello recital yesterday provided me with a lesson in humility, and a fresh perspective of how demotivated a beginner feels when they make a public mistake. Opportunity doesn't always feel good.

Ok - Week #5

I had a blah week.

  • Bento 3 days a week - Check. I actually had 4 bentos this week

  • Swim 2 miles a week - I did 1.66

  • Drop 5 pounds - 2 down

  • Drink 1 liter of water a day - totally blew it on this one. I need to focus on this throughout the week.

Progress Report #5

So I wasn't able to weigh in on Sunday morning as usual because I was out of town. Instead I did my weigh and measure ins on Friday, which I really didn't want to do, but I felt like I had to. I figured I wouldn't see any difference from this past week because my ankle was acting up so bad I didn't work out as much as I'd have liked. BUT, I still managed to lose another 1.2 lbs, bringing my total up to 3.2 lbs overall!! I also lost another .5'' bringing my total up to 4'' over all.
I can definitely tell a difference - the jeans I took to my sister-in-laws this weekend were literally falling off.

Unfortunately, my ankle has been hurting so bad and swelling up so much that walking the dogs on a daily basis is completely out of the picture and working out everyday is nearly impossible. I did go to Yoga class last Thursday, which is my new goal, and it was awesome. I could tell during the class that my strength and weight training is paying off - I could stay in most poses without hardly any struggle. But even getting on the elliptical right now is aggravating my ankle. It's really frustrating that most calorie burning cardio stuff requires you to be on your feet.

I have also noticed that since I've started scaling back my portions and being more conscious of calories....I really am not hungry much anymore. I used to feel like I was hungry all. the. time.
Again, I am pretty sure this was a side affect of the prescription I recently came off of (I read that 'insatiable appetite' is actually listed as a side affect on the Rx's website. whaaaa??) but I also know that scaling back on my food in take every day has finally started to have an affect on the point that my stomach feels full. Your stomach is capable of stretching and shrinking....and I think it has finally "shrunk" down to a normal size. If that makes any sense at all.....

I'm not introducing any new goals this week - I'm just going to try to stick with and perfect some I've already set. So this week I'll be focusing on.....

-drinking at least 2 liters of water a day
-substituting breakfast or lunch with a slim fast meal
-going to Yoga class on Thursdays
-eating one vegetarian meal/week
-working out 3 times during the week at the very least, not to include yoga class

Doesn't it feel fantastic to have control over your life, body, weight, strength, FUTURE again??? That is one of the biggest things I've noticed. I may not have lost a huge amount of weight, but I finally feel like I am making the decisions now. Not my appetite, not my cravings, not my inactivity or laziness - ME! I am in control, and I AM capable of making good decisions.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Checking in with some new goals

Ok I have made it through a month and a half with the goal of not binging.

My new goal is to doing the elliptical 30 mins a 2-3 times a week and/or 10,000 steps a day.

Ok so that new goal is set in stone. Now I have to live up to it.

1. Continue on with no binge eating.
2. elliptical 30 mins 2-3 times a week and/0r 10,000 steps a day.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Check In

Okay! This week was rough for me. It's "that time" and lately I have been getting a headache every Tuesday night of "that time". This week, other than my weight going up and down like a ping pong ball, needing extra sleep and sleeping right through the alarm Wednesday (so I didn't get up and run) and wanting to eat everything in sight, I got the lovely nasty headache that woke me up Thursday morning. Getting through Thursday was tough as my neck and back were as tight as muscles could be. Luckily, a friend stopped by and gave me a mini massage and then, when I got home, I jumped in my bubble jet tub and let that work on the rest of me.

Needless to say, I did not get up and run Friday morning. But I felt much better. In karate, I have FINALLY got my form (Form Five) down in my head, so I can run it more confidently. My next test is in 9 weeks, so I am in good shape for that.

Tomorrow morning I will work out, and then go to my son's cello recital. With "that time" over, I can easily get back into my morning walk/run and concentrate on losing 8 more pounds.

How are we doing, everyone? Check in and tell me how you feel!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Dr Oz Says Forgive Yourself!

There is a really good article on ABC News.Com about women and why we need to get in shape and stay in shape. It is by Dr. Oz. (Who's that? The Wizard's Uncle?) But seriously, read it. It's good. You can find it here!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sandra's Progress

This past week I have tried to work harder on my goals. I came to understand that certain things will have to wait, since I am moving out of my apartment by the end of the month and I am going through a lot of changes now.
So I adjusted my goals a little bit. I am still walking longer distances twice a day (my pug and I both look skinnier!). I am also trying to eat better. I make better choices at the supermarket, based in the quality of the food and not the price. Since I am eating smaller portions my expenses are almost the same. I started organizing my weekly meals a little bit and I started cooking again. That way I make sure I get a balanced diet.
I plan to move out of the apartment and into the new house in one day. I will make sure everything is in boxes and ready for the moving date. This is the first time I actually use boxes to move out before the moving day (I am trying to be an organized person!).
I am not working on my hobbies. I need to start puting things inside boxes and not on top of my desk. That goal will have to wait until I settle down in the new house.
I tried to make a doctor and a dentist appointment but I got frustrated calling different offices and not getting somebody to answer. I will try again today because I really need to see a doctor, I am constantly getting cramps in my hands, legs and feet all day and night and that doesn't sound very normal. After I went to the eye doctor I followed his instructions and my eyes actually feel a lot better.

I like to read how everybody else is doing, it helps me to get going!



It’s been said that a goal is created three times…

First, as a mental picture, an idea or thought in your mind.

Second, is when you write it down to add clarity and dimension.

Third, is when you take action toward its achievement.Your journey toward success begins the moment you take action toward a worthwhile goal.

The achievement of meaningful goals will always bring you greater levels of happiness and success in life.


Most goals that are worthwhile require a laser beam focus and consistent, aggressive action to see through to success and achievement.

Once you’ve decided on exactly what goals you are working towards, and you’ve designed your M.A.P.}>Massive Action Plan.

Then, it’s time for action and lot’s of it.

People with goals succeed more often than most people, simply because they know what they want and where they are going in life.

Once you’ve created clarity with your goals and designed your M.A.P., it’s time for Massive Action Today-Not-Tomorrow.

The more action you take, the more results you create.

NOTE: Take one goal that you’ve set for the New Year. Review your progress so far, no matter where you are at thus far, think about what else can you do to pick up the pace. Then…DO IT!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hi all, I weighed a few days ago and had shed 1 pound. I got a bit frustrated about that. So Sat and Sun weren't the best eating days for me. I didn't binge but I didn't eat healthy. I had a couple days where I felt like giving up. But today I feel better. I liked the post about failure.

I've been sick with a cold since friday with today being the worst day so far.

I just wanted to check in. I am proud of everyone.

LOL I just read this I sound like Debbie Downer That link has to be one of my favs where they are at Disney World.

Weigh In

One pound for this week. 6 pounds for one month. UGH! I am looking at six pounds better than none...and as Marie says....think about a pound of butter? UGH! I have only walked 3 times all darn month! Hopefully I will start to get out more and am thinking of doing a routine in the morning at home. Just SO busy!

I have decided to make monthly goals and am thinking about Feb. .....more later

Weigh In

I am down another pound.

It's frustrating for me as this diet STARVES me. We do get to eat what we want on certain days (all of it). However, my husband wanted to increase his weight loss so we ate a bit lighter than I wanted over the off days. He lost 2 and a half pounds. I lost my usual one and am ready to eat anything.

I am so frustrated. I mean I eat less on the off days and I work out, two to three times a day five days a week and one or two the other two days a week! I will ski all day today and come home to do my cardio.

My muscles are no longer sore and I've always done this type of routine so I should have a fairly high metabolism, yet I don't loose any weight. I also shouldn't be gaining that much more muscle either. Well, a pound. Which I realize is good but I am frustrated that he looses it so much easier than I do when all he does is cut back on his food a bit. He's not exercising at all.

Failure & Tweaking

ABC News had an interesting article about Failure yesterday. "Doctors Say the Most Successful People Fail Several Times Before Reaching a Goal"

They also said that the most successful dieters look at breaking a New Year's resolution not as a failure, but as a time to realistically tweak the original goal. (Hey, tweaking the goal? I remember a talk about that.)

So go read it, and don't feel bad if you are not getting to perfection on the first try.

And remember to tweak your goals!

Monday, February 2, 2009

January Run down

As of my weigh and measure ins yesterday, I have lost a solid, even 2 lbs and 3.5'' for January(!!!)
My goal is 2 lbs a month so I'll have lost the 10 by swimsuit season (June 1). So I'm on my way there.
I was super good about the gym this past week going every single day (and even twice a day on one occassion). I was not so good about walking the dogs every day, but I realized that this is not going to happen because of my ankle. It's just too painful to walk on for that long, so I've got to be realistic.
My new goal for February is to start going to yoga once a week - my gym just scheduled a Thursday 7:30pm class, which will work fabulously. I really think this will help me towards my strength goals and I notice when I do yoga I am able to see the progress I am making in other areas. It will help me mix up my regular work out routine and will keep me in the gym a little longer.
I also need to get back in touch with someone to help me get Winston started on some training.
I also need to get my taxes finished. And of course, lose another 2 lbs, at least.


-Get taxes done
-Start going to yoga 1/week
-2 lbs
-Contact someone about CGC training

There ya have it.

Alright, everyone - February is the month that people give up on their goals because they feel like they haven't seen the results they wanted. Well, it doesn't happen over night!!! So keep the faith, keep posting - ask for help, rejoice in small accomplishments - we are here for you!! Every single one of us has the ability to reach our goals - it's just a matter of whether or not we give ourselves the opportunities to succeed.

My Goal This Week

It's a mess, huh? I need to clean it out.

As for everything else, I am down 8 pounds, have run twice this week, and lost 1/2" on my thighs. They are not jiggly thighs, which I am proud of, but they are still too big. I am happy with the 1/2" though. Now for another 8 pounds!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Letting Go

I had an insight today along with some frustrations. When my webhosting is up, I am going to drop one of my earliest websites, Quantum Lifestyles. It's gone through a lot of different incarnations over the years but never had a ton of traffic. In the last six months it's really dropped off. I am wondering if it has something to do with my webhost--I might be in a bad neighborhood. At any rate, I realized I just don't want to fight for it any more. I DO however plan to keep fighting on for My Siamese. I have some issues going there to.

If anyone had asked me a month ago, I would have said I'd drop the My Siamese site and keep on with the acupuncture stuff, because that makes more sense, it's what I do offline. However, I have realized that if I do stuff online about healing, it will be about healing. That's where I want to head and not be "limited" by acupuncture's theories. It's hard to explain. However, except possibly for the cards I have at zazzle and may have at Send Out Cards (I am still working on that) I won't be doing a lot of acupuncture stuff any more. You heard it here first!