Monday, February 2, 2009

January Run down

As of my weigh and measure ins yesterday, I have lost a solid, even 2 lbs and 3.5'' for January(!!!)
My goal is 2 lbs a month so I'll have lost the 10 by swimsuit season (June 1). So I'm on my way there.
I was super good about the gym this past week going every single day (and even twice a day on one occassion). I was not so good about walking the dogs every day, but I realized that this is not going to happen because of my ankle. It's just too painful to walk on for that long, so I've got to be realistic.
My new goal for February is to start going to yoga once a week - my gym just scheduled a Thursday 7:30pm class, which will work fabulously. I really think this will help me towards my strength goals and I notice when I do yoga I am able to see the progress I am making in other areas. It will help me mix up my regular work out routine and will keep me in the gym a little longer.
I also need to get back in touch with someone to help me get Winston started on some training.
I also need to get my taxes finished. And of course, lose another 2 lbs, at least.


-Get taxes done
-Start going to yoga 1/week
-2 lbs
-Contact someone about CGC training

There ya have it.

Alright, everyone - February is the month that people give up on their goals because they feel like they haven't seen the results they wanted. Well, it doesn't happen over night!!! So keep the faith, keep posting - ask for help, rejoice in small accomplishments - we are here for you!! Every single one of us has the ability to reach our goals - it's just a matter of whether or not we give ourselves the opportunities to succeed.


  1. Somebody told me that I look skinnier today! I am feeling better also.

  2. Way to go Rachel. And yes, I will post the after photo. After... ha ha