Monday, February 2, 2009

My Goal This Week

It's a mess, huh? I need to clean it out.

As for everything else, I am down 8 pounds, have run twice this week, and lost 1/2" on my thighs. They are not jiggly thighs, which I am proud of, but they are still too big. I am happy with the 1/2" though. Now for another 8 pounds!


  1. YEAH about being down 8 pounds! That is great!!!

  2. I want an 'after' picture of that shelf!

  3. It's funny that hubby took a pic of my bedroom and it looks kind of this... he said I should post it on my blog if I don't get everything organized soon. My problem is that since I am going to move out in less than a month, I kind of loose my sense of organization. I don't know if I should put this in the closet or the box, if I will need it before I move out or not, etc etc.