Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good and Bad News

Good news: It's been two weeks, and we've worked out for an hour five days both weeks. I am proud of us!

Bad news: Found out today I'm being let go from my job, with my last day March 6th. I'm stressing bad about trying to find a job. Any help in the Indianapolis area?!?!?! It's weighing on me heavily, but I'm kind of glad, it was a horrible job for me, but I was not willing to quit without a job lined up. I've been looking on and off for a year, but not too intensely. Now, they made the decision for me. Which is a blessing in disguise. I think this will lead me on the right path- I just need insurance! :-D


  1. Yup - exactly. I'm sure you saw the comment I left on your blog, but I think that's the exact right attitude to have about it right now. It has certainly pushed you out of your comfort zone, as a lay off does to anyone, but I know you're going to find something immensely better. (Couldn't be much worse, could it?)

  2. Good job going to the gym. I never lasted that long. I hope you find a much better job soon, and with all the exercise and healthy eating, you shouldn't need to use the insurance- if it takes a little time to get it.