Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weekly Check In

I got some odds and ends done this week. I did some checking into a place to sell my acupuncture cards but they want to charge me for everything and I'd get very little back so I don' t think it's the best way to market my cards--not unless I come up with another set of images for them.

AND!!! YEAH!!! I'm down a pound and half.

This is my last week on this alternate day diet that my husband loves and seems to work for him. However I feel too deficient on it. I'm cold, headachy and tired all the time. I think it's a great diet for removing some food stagnation but I don't think it's very good for me in the long term. After Valentine's Day I am going back to South Beach which has worked for me quite well in the past. I lost about 5 pounds a month and didn't feel as if I were on a diet.

While I'd like to loose more per month, I am thinking that perhaps in a few months if I did the fast day one day a week for a month that might actually be good for my body! We'll see.


  1. I guess I don't understand your cards. Can you exlpain it to me. Do they have directions etc on them? Is that what they are? Sorry for being dense, but tell us about them. Who knows, maybe one of us can help.


  2. I have been working on cards for acupuncturists that are like recall and birthday cards but with an acupuncture theme. We some of what we have on Zazzle right now at http://www.zazzle.com/cocomeezer

    I had checked into being able to sell them at Send out cards, which is popular with small businesses (including acupuncturists, although my husband thinks they are very expensive if you don't send out tons of cards--and in that case he's correct) but the way they work their "artist gallery" really makes it tough for any artist to make any money--particularly with a niche based product like ours.