Sunday, February 15, 2009

Checking in and it's that time of year for my arch nemesis

I did pretty good too until friday. I LOVE these candies. Thank goodness they only come out once a year! I ate a whole bag of them but at 3 different times, not all at once. I love to put them in the microwave and make the inside gooey while the outside is still crunchy. YUM.

I've overall lost about 7 lbs, I'm down to about 176. I think I've lost some inches too.

I didn't do the elliptical but one time this week. I let work get in the way. This week will be hard to do too since I am only at work 2 days and then head to DC for a conference. I did however, walk 10,000 every day! So that's good.

I did have something else interesting happen this week. I am using NutriSystem. It's 299 a month. For me it's great. I don't like to cook and the meals are easy to prepare. The first month was hard but now my stomach has shrunk and it's much easier. So during the fall I was working out with a friend. On thursday I told her I was doing NS and she kinda laughed. I told her not to. Then her next piece of unsolicited feedback was something about you need to be prepared when you don't do NS anymore. Geez. What a buzz kill.

Happy Sunday Everyone.

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  1. What a buzz kill is right. Tell her to go be negative somewhere else, we're only positive here. 7 pounds is great! I told Punchy to look at pounds of butter if she didn't feel she did well one week, and she said that certainly put it in perspective.
    As for NS, do what works for YOU and when you are getting to your goal you will make a new plan for maintaining. Don't make it harder than it needs to be. And don't let anyone else do it to you either!