Monday, February 23, 2009

Progress Report #7


That's right, for the first week since I've been updating, I'm really disappointed with myself. I worked out every single day last week except for Saturday and I GAINED over a pound. There is no excuse for this. I did cardio every single day. I'd like to pass it off and say "oh, it must be muscle" but it's just not possible.
I did lose over an inch at my waistline, but it does not make up for over a one pound gain.
I know I wasn't as good about my food last week. I stopped doing my food log a week or so ago because I thought I really had it under control, but I may have to go back to that tedious writing every single thing down thing again.
I was really hoping to be in the 130's by this week, and it was really so icky to see that number yesterday.
And even worse - I am going to be at a work conference for three days this week. This means staying in a hotel, eating whatever kind of food is provided and just getting off my regular schedule in general. I do plan on using the hotel's fitness center and will try to keep my eating in check, but I know how these things go - they put out snacks for you all day long and you don't have time to sit down and eat a real meal so you just gorge on doritos or something.

so bleh to all of that. Trying to stay up beat, but it's hard when you feel like you're working really hard and not seeing results. Jeremy keeps telling me that he can see my gym results, but we're all so much more critical of ourselves than others are, aren't we?
I'm not going to let it get me down - I'm going to keep up my work out routine, continue with my yoga (Which I LOVE and is quickly becoming my favorite part of the week) and will start paying more attention to my food and caloric intake.

I do feel toned. And I'm glad the inch came off my waistline because I've been KILLING my abs at the gym every day. I'm also feeling so much improvement in my yoga - last week's class was much more challenging and I stuck all the poses with very little strain. (trying to stay positive!)

Well, here's to a more successful week. Hope everyone is enjoying their MONDAY. Hah - yeah, right.


  1. Rachel, you are doing A LOT! to loose weight. I don't know the reason why you gained that pound but what counts is what you will loose in the long run. I admire you for doing all that effort. I wish I had the strengh to go to the gym. I had a contract for 3 years to a gym and I waited patiently all those years to be able to cancel it - paying every month - without going EVER. OK I did go, but not more than 10 times in 3 years. AWFUL!

  2. Always remember it's easy to forget about how much more muscle weighs and also water weight too. You might have gained just enough muscle to not loose and then eaten a saltier meal or something that just didn't agree with you so you seemed a bit heavier. Don't be too down. You have those inches off!