Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This Week's Goals

YEAH! Week one of South Beach and I am down two pounds. Now if I could do that again, Iwould be ecstatic!

I haven't been working out any more but I have stayed with it. I have had some left leg/hip problems that are probably all related--it's just figuring out what it is.

I have written a lot this last week. I wrote five new posts to be set to publish each day on my blog Wed Cents. My goal on this blog is 100 visits a day by the end of June. I am working mostly on promoting it through twitter and facebook. I have 10 times more people visiting a day now than I did at the beginning of January.

I am seeking out some assistance for promotion of a book a I want to write. I mean, I am writing it but I am looking into some ways of promoting it. I hope to work with a coach. We'll see!

This two pounds means I get my first 10 pound loss reward: a trip to the Olympus Day spa. I plan to go soak up some heat and relax!


  1. congrats with your accomplishments! I have to try sobe diet. It seems to work with so many people... I have to commit to something more serious now that I seem to be bigger and bigger every week. One question, how do you keep track of your blog's visitors?

  2. We use Wordpress stats as a plugin to our blog (it's a on it's own domain name with wordpress installed). I find that those are the most useful and doesn't count the times someone ends up at the login page or something by mistake!