Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday weekly update

Last week someone asked about my acupuncture cards. I sell cards for acupuncturists to use in their practice (like you get reminder cards from the dentist or whatever) that are acupuncture themed. I have them on zazzle right now. I had hoped to get them on send out cards but they really only allow you to sell the images to each person and then that person gets to use the images as much as they want. I'd do this except that it would cost me a lot to upload the images ($10/image) and then they are planning to start charging per month too which means that the amount you'd have to sell the images for would be cost prohibitive--particularly when you have a niche market like I do.

That was kind of a bummer. As I go through this year and really focus on those things that I want most, I realize that the thing I want most is to be a writer so I am working along those lines.

Weight loss: was a full pound gain. However, I am not as down as I could be as I am changing my diet. My husband and I were doing the alternate day diet (which he continues to love). However I just felt horrible on it so I changed yesterday to South Beach (which I have always done well on). South Beach forces me to eat real food regularly and my body does well with that. I think because we were weighing in the day after fasting (before eating) that that was partially some water weight gain so I will worry next week if I don't loose that pound again!


  1. Thank you for the explanation of the cards. I never thought about where cards like that come from. I am sorry that they are not doing as well as you hoped, but perhaps that was a way of showing you what you really wanted. Good luck on South Beach. I would say you are definitely headed down the right path.



  2. Good luck with the new diet - it sounds like you feel better about it. And sometimes diets are all about mind over matter. If your head's in the right place, then you'll succeed.