Sunday, February 8, 2009

Check In

Okay! This week was rough for me. It's "that time" and lately I have been getting a headache every Tuesday night of "that time". This week, other than my weight going up and down like a ping pong ball, needing extra sleep and sleeping right through the alarm Wednesday (so I didn't get up and run) and wanting to eat everything in sight, I got the lovely nasty headache that woke me up Thursday morning. Getting through Thursday was tough as my neck and back were as tight as muscles could be. Luckily, a friend stopped by and gave me a mini massage and then, when I got home, I jumped in my bubble jet tub and let that work on the rest of me.

Needless to say, I did not get up and run Friday morning. But I felt much better. In karate, I have FINALLY got my form (Form Five) down in my head, so I can run it more confidently. My next test is in 9 weeks, so I am in good shape for that.

Tomorrow morning I will work out, and then go to my son's cello recital. With "that time" over, I can easily get back into my morning walk/run and concentrate on losing 8 more pounds.

How are we doing, everyone? Check in and tell me how you feel!


  1. I think sometimes when we are dieting, we don't get enough protein and vitamin B12--and our bodies crave that when we get premenstrual because we are going to be loosing blood and our bodies try and do what they can to maintain it's own homeostasis. I think really figuring on eating a little bit more protein and leafy greens and even slightly more fatty food (good fats) can help satisfy and also even small amounts of chocolate if you are really craving that.

    And of course, if you tend to bloat--you get that post menstrual drop in water weight! :)

  2. Uhg, I am finally done with that week! I also had a cold all week. Finally on Sat started to actually feel better.