Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weigh In

I am down another pound.

It's frustrating for me as this diet STARVES me. We do get to eat what we want on certain days (all of it). However, my husband wanted to increase his weight loss so we ate a bit lighter than I wanted over the off days. He lost 2 and a half pounds. I lost my usual one and am ready to eat anything.

I am so frustrated. I mean I eat less on the off days and I work out, two to three times a day five days a week and one or two the other two days a week! I will ski all day today and come home to do my cardio.

My muscles are no longer sore and I've always done this type of routine so I should have a fairly high metabolism, yet I don't loose any weight. I also shouldn't be gaining that much more muscle either. Well, a pound. Which I realize is good but I am frustrated that he looses it so much easier than I do when all he does is cut back on his food a bit. He's not exercising at all.


  1. I certainly understand the frustration. Especially when comparing with your husband's loss. I'm sure you already know all this, but I'll reaffirm...men lose weight differently, they have different metabolisms and he probably has more weight to lose, making it easier for him to lose more.
    Are you taking inch measurements as well as weighing yourself? If I was just going by the pounds I had lost I'd be really frustrated too, but since I'm doing a lot of strength stuff (and it sounds like with skiing you are doing a similar thing), I'm losing more inches than actual weight. If you're not doing that yet, start measuring your waist, hips and thighs on the same day you do your weigh ins. You may see some more encouraging numbers there.
    Good luck - keep it up. I'm sure your results are just around the corner, you just have to stick with it. YOU are in control. Not hunger, not food. YOU ARE!

  2. Yea men got the upper hand when it comes to weight loss. I understand your frustration too. It's so hard to do so well for so many days to see just one pound off. Seems like it should be more than that!