Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You Know

You may all think that I am totally self confident and have no worries about my abilities karate wise, but you would be mistaken. One of the other instructors just passed her Beginner Level Instructors Certification. One of the new requirements for that is that you have to be able to lead a group. My instructor told her that he told the studio owner that yes, she could lead a group.

I don't often lead groups, so I was feeling very insecure about my abilities, and since I have passed in my Intermediate Level Instructors Certification, I was wondering what other requirements I would need to pass. And whether or not my instructor felt I could lead a group well.

Tonight he asked if I could take one or all three of his classes next Wednesday night. (I normally assist him in the same three classes on Monday night, so I know the classes and the students.) As you can imagine, that made me feel really good. It means he thinks I can lead a group, and maybe even the entire class. WOO HOO

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