Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I started cleaning the back porch/swing area Friday night. That is my nephew's bicycle. That will be relegated to the garage soon.

In the winter, the back porch becomes a catch all for everything that I can't deal with because it's too cold. Well, I have dealt with almost everything. The boxes under the window are my nephew's and he will be dealing with them soon, though he may not know it yet.

The warmer weather has me really tossing things I just don't want and don't use, I had some fabric samples that I wasn't sure about and I looked through them all and decided which ones I was keeping and which ones I wasn't. It felt really good.

I also picked up some stuff in the back yard and bagged it all up, ready to go to the curb on garbage day AND I cleaned out the stuff on the floor of the garage and swept it all. I'm tired, but satisfied. Just another thing done on the list. :)

1 comment:

  1. Hey that is amzing! The BEFORE and the AFTER! How did you do that? If I had to do it it would have ended up on my list of Missed deadlines. It seemed like impossible. But I understand the feeling that comes after, it´s a nice feeling like your effort finally paid back. And it is also goof since you start getting rid of things that you only kept because of the laziness. I believe now you feel renewed.