Saturday, March 6, 2010

Extra Incentive

The assistant teachers got new uniforms this week. My nephew and I both have the same one, as we both have our Beginner Level Instructor Certification. I have passed in my Intermediate Level Certification and am just waiting on the grading of it. Anyway, we received the new uniforms and they are really cool. Mine is just a little tight in the butt and upper thighs. So I have a little extra incentive to get back on track and lose weight, especially as I know that 5 pounds or more will make a definite difference in how the gi pants fit.

I haven't been good with my checkbook :( but I am promising myself to do it Saturday afternoon or Sunday. I have to really focus on being better with that. Can't let myself slide. I realize why I don't want to do it, with money being tight ignoring it sometimes feels good but it never turns out ending well.

I did not do staggered push-ups in the second degree class. I did regular ones. We'll see how my shoulder feels tomorrow.

Take care and hope everyone is doing well.

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