Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Feeling Blah

I am feeling a little blah right now. I twinged my right shoulder (on the back side) so my exercises didn't feel good, which is never a good thing. I did not do them yesterday. I hope it feels better to do them today. I am getting back on track with my eating. Vacation can be a good or bad thing and I sort of fell of the wagon in a big way, so I need to get myself re-focused on my goal. I know I can do it. Just got to put the nose to the grindstone.

It actually felt good to get back to work. I am a routine person and yesterday was a good example of how a routine can make things a lot easier. We had a very good weekend and I was busy all day, no time to be bored, which I can't stand. It wasn't a bad day, just a little tiring. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little less blah.

Take care everyone.

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  1. There are always weeks like that. We've been struggling with GAPS ever since our vacation at the beginning of Feb--got off and it's hard to get back on as it's so strict.

    As for your injury--Robyn, our yoga teacher, reminds our injured folks that not over doing it is really important. Do only as much as feels okay--don't just power through.